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Day SPA Packages

If you want to improve your physical and mental state and take care of your body, we invite you to take advantage of one of our treatment packages. This offer is directed both to women and men.


Scent of Greece       PLN 220

Intriguing, strong aroma of spices from Greek islands is a sensual feast for Her and Him.

The package includes:

  • Full body brine peeling with Shea butter
  • Bath with hydromassage in aromatic Greece powder (“Grecja”)
  • Skin drying and body toning with Hamamelidis water
  • Pouring the skin with warm, melted Greece Shea butter (“Grecja”)
  • Relaxing full body massage



Sea Essence Detoxicating Therapy       PLN 220

We created a package for Her and Him to address the needs of a skin exposed to stress and contaminants, lacking energy. It additionally reduces the impact of negative environmental factors, such as free radicals, UV light and pollution.

The package includes:

  • Brine peeling for body soil crystals and algae parts effectively exfoliate skin cells. Extracts contained in the peeling cleanse intensively and deeply. Skin after the peeling is smooth, refreshed and ready for deeper absorption of active ingredients in further steps of the therapy.
  • Hydromassage bath
  • Skin drying and body toning with Hamamelidis water
  • Skin cream – significantly moisturised and refreshed skin thanks to the plan extracts contained in the cream.
  • Relaxing full body massage



Chocolate dream      PLN 200

The package includes:

  • Refreshing full body peeling with great exfoliating properties.                                         Contains Shea butter and grape oil. In a result, peeling is perfectly distributed on the whole body, and skin after the treatment remains moisturised for a long time. Employed fragrance compositions are very durable and intensive, giving the skin a pleasant and long-lasting aroma.
  • Anti-stress hydromassage bath with natural salt from Wieliczka mine, with a sensual chocolate aroma. Salt shows moisturising and nourishing properties. It also improves flexibility.


Body mask based on Shea butter with macadamia oil, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamins E and C, leaving a very thin film on the body that works for many hours, providing valuable nourishing agents contained in these ingredients. It prevents drying, improves flexibility, smoothens, slows down the aging of the skin if applied regularly.


RELAXING BODY MASSAGE based on chocolate-scented oil



Fresh 'n' fruity      PLN 200

Rejuvenating and refreshing treatment based on mango, pomegranate and nasturtium

The package includes:

  • Refreshing body peeling
  • Anti-stress hydromassage bath
  • Aromatic body massage based on mango-scented oil
  • For every Guest – home treatment cosmetic free of charge (to prolong the treatment results)



NUTRIDEAL – nourishing treatment      PLN 200

The treatment consists of three complementary stages:

  • Peeling – removes dead skin cells, nourishes and accelerates the regeneration process.
  • Oil – restores the lipid barrier, soothes irritations, slows down the aging process.
  • Butter – mask for body, antioxidant, reducing the harmful effects of sunlight, greatly improving the condition and appearance of skin.

Relaxing and moisturising treatment based on plant active ingredients: vitamins, antioxidants and bioflavonoids. It is perfect for tired, stressed, overworked persons with the problem of dry, dehydrated and rough skin. The presence of carved Bochnia salt, oils of avocado, Abyssinian, apple seeds, Buriti, jojoba oil, Shea butter and complex extract from oriental fruits, provides the skin with a complete regeneration and revitalisation.



ETERNAL GOLD body package      PLN 220

Stages of the treatment – the body:

  • Golden sugar peeling – perfumed peeling with crystals of sugar embedded in soy oil and Shea butter, which gently massages and exfoliates the stratum corneum.
  • Bath with hydromassage with Eternal Gold salt  luxurious combination of relaxation, healing properties of minerals and illumination. Relaxing bath strengthens and gives the skin a golden glow, improves skin condition and detoxifies the body.
  • Mask with goat milk and lychee – rich base with Shea butter provides dry and demanding skin with ingredients that are regenerating and supporting its natural defence processes.
  • Gold balm with Shea butter – nourishing balm with an exclusive fragrance, designed for dry, rough and irritated skin. 



DELICATESSEN – sensual body treatment       Discounted price is PLN 290 !!!

Exquisite and very healthy “meal” for the skin. The line uses the wealth of natural and exclusive food products (red wine, chocolate, coffee, citrus, cereals, yogurt, brews, etc.) to improve the efficiency of body and face care. Fragrances, textures and colours of products – just like in an elegant “gourmet” dinner menu – make the Delicatessen a truly unique offer.

STRAWBERRY AND PASSIONFRUIT DELICACIES  designed for skin with hydrolipidic imbalance caused by internal (genetic, disease, biological or physiological changes, stress) or external (atmospheric conditions, heating, air conditioning, sunbathing ...) factors.


CITRUS COCKTAIL WITH RED WINE  recommendations: detoxification, cleansing, regeneration and healthy nourishment of body skin with ingredients typical for our diet: grapes, pineapples, grapefruits, lemons, oranges.

Treatment stages:

  • peeling
  • bath with the addition of red wine extract
  • body mask
  • SPA capsule treatment